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Letter From Ex President CCKs

Fossil Park is located about 11 KMS from Dholavira the world's first town planned being excavated. Fossil park has wonderful fossils of sea beach, trees and showing imaginary figures taking back around 6 million years back. Contains wood fossils having age of about 1.8 billion years [18 crores years] .Also stones which are ages old and magnificient view of White Desert.
From last 10 years I and Shri Bipin Chrisitian were visiting Fossil Park twice a year. Where we experienced changes shapes of these sculptures and their places often. Shri Bipin Christian has exhibited his photographs of Fossils in various shapes. They are just like nature's poems. I believe that everybody should visit Fossil Park at least once in Life. Some experiences leave us happy, some sad, some in awe and some are a lesson in humility.
Besides this, these wonderful fossils of sea beach, trees and wood are amazing. It's a wonder of the world. They are in shapes of Elephant, Owl, Human figure, Fish, Turtles etc.
Various photographs exhibited in this exhibition where you will find Child Elephant, Tortoise on hill, Elephant's Eye, Owl, Human figure, Gigantic human figures, Small Sharks, Penguin and so many shapes. In Some photographs there are some religious imaginary figures. Which can not describe in words.
I congratulate Shri Bipin Christian for his dedicated work of 10 years on Fossils. In my opinion this is First exhibition on subject like Faces at Fossils. This is pride for him as well as Camera Club of Karnavati because he is Treasurer of this Club.
Ex President CCK | Ashvin Patel (USA)