Faces @ Fossil Park

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Wedding Photography

Some of the magic moments captured from the most auspicious day of a couple's life.

Food Photography

Photos shot for some of the top restaurant chains in India for cover, brocheure and menus.

Heritage Photography

Heritage sites are always a spectacle to watch when captured from a photographer's eye. View..

Cultural Photography

Capturing the mesmerizing beauty of cultures of various cultures in India.

Nature Photography

Obeserving the natural beauty around and showcasing it in a astounding way. View..

Faces @ Fossil Park

Fossil photography in its most unique form as I discovered faces of wildlife in fossil park. View..


photography with natural touch is very beautiful. I think it only possible if you are spiritual and close to nature.... congratulation

-C.C Pate / Engineer

Beauty lies in eyes of beholder today. I saw beauty created by God through third eye of Mr. Bipin Christian. The wa he showed the beauty lying on deseart. He left me speechless. I am thankful to him.

-Manoj K Goradia/ ----


Very Nice - If there is vision then there is a creation

-Dr. Vinod Morvadia/ ----

Geet Gaya Paththarone

-Kishor Shih Sagar/ ---